Analytics for Social Housing

We have been working with RP's to​ understand the relationship between tenant behaviour and cost. Costs such as repairs, should be considered at tenant level as they have a direct impact on overall cost rather than quality of the property. Our own analysis and joint working with HACT has shown that factors such as employment status, age, benefit status and management area can have an impact on costs.

cost per tenancy


Source: pwc UK

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propensity score matching

We are working with HACT to build upon the great success of their social value and community insight tools. By consultation with the sector and ensuring a suitable methodology we will use the i4H platform to compare the effectiveness of social value initiatives.



We really value your opinion and our inspiration comes from working with the sector. If you would like to be involved in  the development of any of the above projects contact us using the below button or for further information.

With HACT we have developed  a range of KPI's to analyse the growing trend of channel shift. Associations can now measure the  effectiveness of their channel shift strategy and  new technology, as well as sharing good practice.

We have delivered a number of projects to enable providers to make informed decisions on assets using our analytics capabilities. Based on  a scoring system on a per unit basis which considers financial, social, environmental and demand factors, associations are able to make more insightful decisions. We have recommend which properties should be disposed, alternative use for units and where developments should be focused. We have successfully demonstrated how better use of assets can produce significant surpluses which can be reinvested back into developing social housing  stock.

We are working with our partner HACT who are leading on a New Data Standard project. The aim will be to create common data standard for the social housing sector that stands ready to revolutionise the housing digital landscape.​

asset management analysis

As part of our promise to transform analytics in the sector we have developed a number of innovative  services. The main aim of these services is to use data to make key decisions that not only improve efficiency but services offered to tenants.

Based on research top UK based organisations are falling behind the rest of the world in terms of using data analytics. This also applies to the social housing sector and we want to further support the sector in making key decisions based on data analytics and evidence led intelligence.

We worked alongside our innovation and open data specialists HACT to deliver a really insightful project, considering the correlation  between repairs cost savings and benefit status.