Analytics for Social Housing

​​​​​​​​​​​What this will give you

  •  Detailed cost benchmarking
  • ​Advanced Predictive Analysis - Unique New Service
  • ​ ​Unique 5 year trend analysis based on our Operational Performance data, Statistical Data Return & Global Accounts
  •  In-depth bespoke organisational insights and recommendations
  •  Individual correlation and trend analysis
  • Data collection completed by our expert team
  • Greater data validation
  • Bespoke Peer comparison analysis - Based on similar type of organisation (15-20 in peer group)
  • Unique 16/17 VfM score 
  • Forecast 17/18 detailed cost data
  • 3-week turnaround time guaranteed
  • Access to our Learning and Innovation Clubs

​To help you drive performance  we have developed, using our unique analytics platforms and data, services that will provide you with deep insights.

Key ​​​​​​​​​​​Benefits::​

  •  3 week turnaround time guaranteed from receipt of your data 

  •  Comprehensive data analytics bespoke to your organisation. This will ensure your Board and Senior Management teams have valuable data insights to deliver VfM and support key decisions 
  •  Resource lite – minimal input from your team
  • ​Price is dependent on your requirements

 What this will give you

  • Based on  6 years trend analysis incorporating on our Operational Performance data, Statistical Data Return & Global Accounts including predictive analysis
  • How financially Healthy has our association been vs our peers? 
  • How cost efficient is my association now and in the next two years vs peers? 
  • How productive is my association?
  • Is my association delivering more or less VFM than my peers /sector now and in the next 2 years?
  • In overall financial/cost /VFM terms who are the best performing RPs in my peer group /sector?


Housing performance analytics - FINANCIALS 

​​"The data collection process was uncomplicated and easy to complete, which came as a pleasant surprise. i4H spent a few hours with us and then went away and did the rest. The methodology is clear and simple and we liked the report format. The report was well received by our Board of Management. We will definitely be using this service again next year".


  •  2 week turnaround time guaranteed from receipt of your request 

  •  Peer comparison information and added value performance insights provided to your Executives and Board Members in good time for their review and critique.
  •  Resource lite – minimal input from your team.
  • Fixed fee £1000.


''i4h were great in working with us to understand our benchmarking figures and sense check our cost mapping. The tool, developed by i4h, combines financial, performance and satisfaction information to produce a metric which is easy to compare with peers. i4h analysis for us also consisted of a logical dashboard which allowed for key value for money information to be viewed at a glance and forms an ideal starting point for any investigation into organisational efficiency”.

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Housing performance analytics - Premium