Analytics for Social Housing

EXPERT & Specialist PARTNErs

QAHC are a social housing consultancy specialising in Value for Money (VfM) and efficiency services. Their aim is to improve efficiency in the Social Housing sector. They have substantial experience of benchmarking, business processes, service improvement, performance management and data analytics.

HACTis the housing sectors ideas and innovation agency.  HACT provides futures-oriented solutions, projects and products for UK housing. HACT delivers thought leadership and drives new ideas for business transformation through its platform of research, impact measurement and data analytics, as well as through its engagement with other sectors and our work on connected technologies. HACT helps housing providers maintain and refine resilient and successful businesses by generating actionable evidence to inform the development of new, smarter, and more efficient ways of working. It is currently leading a major project to define new sector-wide standards for modelling and understanding resident satisfaction due to report in 2017. 

Beever and Struthers is a Top 5 provider of audit and accountancy services to the sector , Beever and Struthers is totally committed to meeting the rapidly evolving needs of Registered Providers (RPs). Our wide-ranging experience enables us to provide tailored advice to RPs managing from under 1,000 units to over 20,000 units and covers both simple and complex group structures. So whatever your requirements, we can provide the auditing and consultancy services you need.


The i4H partnership has been formed by VfM and analytics consultants QAHC, housing innovation agency HACT and business advisors Beever and Struthers.

It has one main ambition - to improve the way peer performance measurement is carried out in the housing sector and make it relevant to the future needs of registered providers.

The i4h partnership is promising responsive performance insights and flexibility, delivered at a cost effective price point.

We will also be working together to deliver a range of innovative and data driven projects to support the sector to deliver quality services based on wider analytical data for the benefit of the sector