Analytics for Social Housing

''i4h were great in working with us to understand our benchmarking figures and sense check our cost mapping. The tool, developed by i4h, combines financial, performance and satisfaction information to produce a metric which is easy to compare with peers. i4h analysis for us also consisted of a logical dashboard which allowed for key value for money information to be viewed at a glance and forms an ideal starting point for any investigation into organisational efficiency”.

what does the sector think?


i4h provided an excellent service, as they did all the data collection and  delivered  the analysis quickly and in an understandable format. i4h were also very proactive in providing advice and further bespoke analysis in areas we wanted to improve.
We will be using this data for our 2016/17 VfM Self-Assessment".


​​"The data collection process was uncomplicated and easy to complete, which came as a pleasant surprise. i4H spent a few hours with us and then went away and did the rest. The methodology is clear and simple and we liked the report format. The report was well received by our Board of Management. We will definitely be using this service again next year".

After rigorous testing in the sector with over 30 organisations, i4H will transform the way organisations undertake peer reviews and use analytics to gain greater insights. But don’t just take our word for it.

​​​​''The data collection process for the 15-16 analysis proved to be quick and easy and only relatively few queries meant it felt really efficient – certainly the turnaround time for the production of the outputs was very good''.