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Housing Performance Analytics - support special offer

​​We take a holistic view of your organisation and use four key performance elements to determine your overall performance. This culminates in providing you with a unique VFM score/radar using our Analytics platforms.

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Housing Performance Analytics – PREMIUM 

​​Our analysis will provide your organisation with a unique performance radar on the four-key areas of operations. This radar can then be use quickly to identify, monitor, demonstrate and deliver VfM. It will enable Boards/Executive teams to speedily identify performance gaps in any of the four performance quadrants. Coupled with our performance  insights analysis PR's can then  identify action plans to close the gaps. 

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​​Our analysis will provide your organisation with a unique VfM score based on the four-key areas of operations. This score can then be used to monitor, demonstrate and deliver VfM. As the emphasis is moving to embed VfM within the organisation, this will enable you to quickly understanding of your performance position. 

We have found this is particularly useful for enhancing board/Executive level discussion, performance improvement reviews, performance monitoring, business planning and VfM strategies.

The i4H platform has been developed with the sector in mind and will deliver the following:

Decide what level of peer review/budget is best for your organisation. We offer two Housing Performance Analytics packages which will provide you with your VfM score and detailed analysis​​.


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